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Product Name:HYPACK LITE
Product Description:HYPACK® LITE: This is our single beam package designed for users who will perform their final product work in a CAD-GIS package. It contains all of the programs necessary to design your survey and collect single beam data, process and export it to DXF/DGN for import into your CADGIS package.
Current version number:2017
Year of current version:2017
Software solution:Y
Combined software/hardware solution:Y
Operating system:Windows 7
Hardware requirements:250 GB HD, 4 GB RAM, Windows Operating system (7/8/10)
Functions for on board use of SOLAS vessels:N
Functions for leisure market:N
Derivatives available for shore based use:N
All official data formats accepted:Y
Additional accepted data formats:DXF, DGN, BSB, S57, S63, TIF
Compliance and approvals:
Type approval:
Integration:AIS targets
Additional functions 
Map projection adjustable:Y
Head up display:Y
Relative motion display of AIS and radar targets:N
Integrated sailing directions database:N
Trial manoeuvre mode:N
Tidal calculations overlay:Y
Weather overlay:N
Conning display:Y
Online help functions:Y
User interface in multiple languages:Y
General print functions:Y
Print functions of ISM-required route planning documents:N
Max. number of NMEA0183 serial interfaces:32
Max. number of NMEA 2000 CAN Bus serial interfaces:0
Max. number of analogue interfaces:0
Special interface for gyro compasses:Y
Possibility of secondary displays:Y
Documentation in multiple languages:Y
24/7 Provision of chart data service:N
Remote wireless maintenance:N
More information 
Distinguishable features:

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Supplier Information

  • 56 Bradley Street
  • CT 06457 Middletown
  • United States of America



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