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UAV iXU Camera Solutions

Product Name:UAV iXU Camera Solutions
Product Description:Phase One drones solution opens the door to new mission types and applications. Whether for inspection projects or for photogrammetry, map-making and homeland security purposes, the combination of the M600 PRO and Phase One iXU 1000 enable users to offer professional results, higher quality of images, larger coverage of the surface in shorter time - without any risks.
Year of initial development::
Year of last update:
Typical Applications:Mapping, Monitoring, Inspection, Civil Engineering
Brand :DJI
Max. payload [kg]:5.5
Max. stay in the air [min]:38
Max. speed [km/h]:65
Max. height above ground [m]:4500
ø / wingspan [cm]:166.8
Height [cm]:72.7
Weight [kg]:5.92
Weight of battery [kg]:4.08
Weight of filled fuel tank [kg]:
Number of rotors:6
Transport on human back:N
Min. operation temperature [°C]:-10
Max. operation temperature [°C]:40
Max. wind speed [m/sec]:8
Max. humidity [%]:80
Operation Characteristics and Safety 
Min. ø of launch/landing site [m]:
Training provided:N
Launching method:Vertical Take-Off & Landing
Automatic launch and landing:Y
Autonomous emergency landing :Y
Collision avoidance systems (CAS):N
Navigation Sensors 
Type of GNSS receiver and captured signals:
Type of IMU:
Correction services [PPK, RTK]:
Other sensors and additional information:
Imaging/scanning devices 
Onboard imaging/scanning devices:RGB Camera, NIR Camera
Type of Camera:iXU 1000
Build-in Stablilsation:Y
Exchangeable :Y
Sensor tilting to allow oblique views:Y
Type of Lidar:
Additional Sensors and additional information:Ronin MX Gimbal, DJI on board IMU
Base Station 
Ground computer included:N
Type of Ground computer:
Sensor control:Y
Real time image and video download link:Y
Included software and automatically generated 
Type of software included:Flight planning
Automatically Generated Products:
Flight planning software:A3 Pro
Photogrammetric software:
Point could processing software:
Additional information on software or automatically generated products:Phase One’s new iX Capture Mobile application – a uniquely designed assisting application for iOS, enabling remote management of the camera. The application allows complete and easy control of the camera via DJI’s remote control system, with an intuitive and friendly user interface.
Transportation accessories:
Included batteries and charger:
More included products and spare parts:

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