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UltraMount GSM 3000

Product Name:UltraMount GSM 3000
Product Description:The UltraMount product line dynamically stabilizes UltraCam systems in the aircraft allowing for blur-free, consistent and aligned exposures. The GSM 3000 offers a well-known technology which is suitable for cost efficient entry level applications (refurbished Mounts).
Year of initial development:
Stabilization system type:Electro Mechanical Gimbal System
Applied Standards:EUROCAE, RCTA/DO- 160G
Operation Area:Airborne
Pitch [°]:± 8.4 at 0 deg roll
Roll [°]:± 6.2 at 0 deg roll
Yaw/Drift / [°]:± 25.0
Residual angular rate of the horizontal axes [°/s rms:0.2
Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*:
Residual deviation of the vertical axis [°rms]*:
Repeatability [arc seconds]:
Vibration isolation system:
Interfaces / Software 
Communication ports:
Software options:
Storable settings:
FMS compatibility:
Mechanical characteristics 
Platform length [mm]:620
Platform width [mm]:560
Platform height [mm] :187
Platform weight [kg] :35
Payload weight (max) [kg] :100
External control unit weight [kg] :
Usable diameter [mm] :410
Sensor compatibility:
Electrical characteristics 
Min input [V]:24
Max input [V]:30
Min pre-fuse rating [A]:
Maximum pre-fuse rating [A]:15
Typical power consumption [W]:90
Max power consumption [W]:300
Minimum battery size (if applicable):
Maximum battery size (if applicable):
Min operating temp [°C] :-25
Max operating temp [°C]:40
Min storage temp [°C] :-50
Max storage temp [°C] :70
Max elevation [m]:
More information 
Distinguishable features:The GSM 3000 dynamically counterbalances arbitrary rotational movements in aircraft and stabilizes the camera during the exposure for the best possible image quality.
Typical applications:
Rotary encoder type:

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