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Product Description:Rugged build quality with high-end ADV® performance is what the ADVOcean-Hydra is all about. Representing the ultimate solution to measuring precise 3D velocity in the most challenging environments, the ADVOcean/Hydra can be integrated with an array of external sensors for a complete oceanographic data collection system. With the optional RPT pressure sensor, this powerful system is able to sample both pressure and velocity at up to 25 Hz, making it the definitive solution for studying nearshore processes.
Year of initial development:
Year of latest version:
Area of Application:Ocean measurements
Field of Use:Turbulence Nearshore dynamics Boundary layer Directional waves Sediment transport
Languages Supported:
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Processor (CPU):pentium or above
Operating System:Windows
Dedicated software:Y
Power supply and communication 
Power supply (internal/external with specs):12-24 VDC Battery capacity (two alkaline packs): 1200 W-hr
Operating current:2.5 to 4.0 W
Output interface {eg. rs232}:RS232 or RS422
Analogue output:
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:
Weight in water [kg]:
Width [cm]:20.1
Length [cm]:42.3
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-5
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:45
Housing material:Stainless steel
Sensor properties: current speed 
Type of sensor:Acoustic Current Meter
Accuracy:±1% of measured velocity, ±0.5 cm/s
Resolution:: 0.1 cm/s
Volume of sample:2cm
Sensor properties: current direction 
Type of sensor:Magnetic
Range: 360°
Accuracy: ±2°
Resolution : 0.1°
Operating properties 
Minimum operating depth {m}:0
Depth rating [m]:250
Output data format:
Sampling rate:25Hz
Other specifications 
Additonal sensors:Pressure, Turbidity, Temperature, Attitude
Data storage:
Additional capabilities:

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Supplier Information
  • SonTek

  • 9940 Summers Ridge Rd
  • 92121-3091 San Diego
  • California
  • United States of America



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