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AL-500 Lidar

Product Name:AL-500 Lidar
Product Description:
Year of last update:2016
Year of introduction :2016
Physical Properties  
Height [cm]:31
Length [cm]:13
Width [cm]:8.3
Weight [kg]:4.5
Water and dust proof:Yes, IP67
Power Supply  
Power requirements:24-28V
Type of battery:Li Ion up to 8 Hrs Available
Power consumption:10-100W
Operation time on single battery [minutes]:480
Laser Pulse Characteristics 
Laser class:Class I
Wavelength [nm]:905
Standard pulse length [ns]:1
Beam divergence [mrad]:1.0
Min. range of laser pulse [m]:1
Max. range of laser pulse [m]:300
Measurement Characteristics  
Scanning method:2 axis
Range accuracy [mm]:8
Scanning Speed [measurements p second]:800000
Multiple pulses in air:N
Min. pulse frequency [Hz]:20000
Max. pulse frequency [Hz]:800000
Max. field of view [degrees]:360
Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse:1
Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]:8
Positioning System 
Number of GNSS positioning sensors:0
Type of GNSS positioning sensors:NA
Typical positioning accuracy [cm] :1
Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured:Y
Type of INS or IMU:2 axis Inclinometer
Gyroscopes Bias In-Run stability [deg p hr]:NA
Operation Characteristics 
Mounting:Turrent Mount 1//4-20 Bolts
Requirements for compatible UAVs:NA
Camera included:Yes
Camera specifications:Monochrome image registered to range point cloud. Resolution same as point cloud
Control and user interface:Two TCP sockets for commands and data. Example source code for the PointWorks user interface is included
Data and Software 
Type of storage:None
Max. storage space [mb]:0
Included software:PointWorks Visualization and Control Application
Main applications:Airborne and Terrestrial Mapping
Training, maintanence and support:1 year warranty. Tech support with purchase.
Distinguishable features:Up to 6667 by 40000 points in 120 by 360 degrees. TCP interface. Comes with an API and source code for quick integration. Signal strength and monochrome imagery. Programmable sample rates, scan rates, and coverage angles.

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Supplier Information
  • Acuity Technologies

  • 3475 Edison Way Ste P
  • 94025-1821 Menlo Park
  • California
  • United States of America



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