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Digital Globe

Product Name:Digital Globe
Year of introduction:1992
Deliverable raster products:Raw Imagery, Stereo Imagery, Orthorectified imagery, DEM, DTM
Deliverable vector products [2D and 3D]:Point cloud, Triangulated mesh
Options for delivery:FTP, Individual Files, Webservices (WMS), Maps API, Ortho Tiles or GeoJSON
Satellites or constellations of delivered products:WorldView-1, GeoEye-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, WorldView-4.
Imagery Specifications 
Spectral band types:Red, Green, Blue, Red edge, Near-infrared, SWIR
Spectral bands [specify wavelengths]:Coastal: 396 - 450. Blue: 430 - 545. Green: 466 - 586. Red: 590 - 694. Near-IR1: 715 - 920. Near-IR2: 856 - 1043. Pan: 405 - 1053. --- SWIR 1: 1195–1225 nm. SWIR 2: 1550–1590 nm. SWIR 3: 1640–1680 nm. SWIR 4: 1710–1750 nm. SWIR 5: 2145–2185 nm. SWIR 6: 2185–2225 nm. SWIR 7: 2235–2285 nm. SWIR 8: 2295–2365 nm.
Dynamic range of RGB image [bit depth]:16
Dynamic range of other products [specify bit depth and spectral band]:
Data formats of imagery:GeoTIFF, NITF
Resolution and Accuracy 
Resolution of RGB imagery [best GSD in meters]:0.3
Resolution of other bands [GSD in meters]:1.2
Geolocation accuracy [RMSE at nadir in meters]:
Geolocation accuracy [CE90 at nadir in meters]:5
Geolocation accuracy [other measures]:
Image corrections 
Proces of geometric correction:Imagery is projected to a plane using map projection and datum, coarse DEM applied to normalize for topographic relief
Image sharpening methods:4-band pan sharpened imagery available.
Sensor corrected:Y
Proces of sensor correction:
Radiometrically corrected:Y
Process of radiometric and/or atmospheric correction:A relative radiometric correction is performed on raw data from all detectors in all bands during the early stages of WorldView-3 product generation. This correction includes a dark offset subtraction and a non-uniformity correction (e.g. detector-to-detector relative gain).
Revisit time and delivery 
Revisit time for defined data products:1
Delivery time [Time between data capture and delivery; in hours]:
Custom inquiries and license  
Short description of data license :
Possibilities for custom inquiries:
More information and distinguishable features:DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites. WorldView-1, GeoEye-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3 and WorldView-4 together are capable of collecting over one billion square kilometers of quality imagery per year and offering intraday revisits around the globe.

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Supplier Information
  • Digital Globe

  • 1601 Dry Creek Drive, Suite 260
  • 80503 Longmont
  • CO
  • United States of America



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