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icListen AF(L)

Product Name:icListen AF(L)
Product Description:
Year of initial development:
Year of latest version:
Operating System:
Main applications :Marine Mammal Monitoring Earthquake & Tsunami Monitoring Shipping Noise Measurement Ocean Observatories
Field of Use:
Languages supported:
Operating properties 
Low Frequency Cutoff (Hz):1
Digital Sensitivity, 16-bit, (count^2/ μPa^2) (dB):
"+/-" 3 dB bandwidth (kHz):
"+/-" 6 dB bandwidth (kHz):
Sigma Delta Modulator Rate (MHz):
Minimum Data Rate (ksps):1
Maximum Data Rate (ksps):512
Resolution (bits):24
Minimum Self Noised (dB re μPa^2/Hz):24
Peak Input Level (μPa):172
Peak Input Level (Volts):6
Voltage Sensitivity:-166
Digital Sensitivity, 24-bit, (count^2/ μPa^2) (dB):2
Full bandwidth Dynamic Range (dB):107
Physical Properties  
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:
Depth rating {m}:3500
Weight in air [kg]:0.958
Weight in water [kg]:
Volume [m^3]:
Width [m]:0.22
Length [m]:0.267
Housing material:titanium
Power supply and communication 
Power Supply {Voltage}:24
Operating current {A}:
Communications Interface {eg. rs232}:
Data collection protocol:
Data streaming protocol:
Web Server (HTTP):
FTP, SFTP and SSH Console:FTP
Maximum Internal Data Storage (GB):
Internal Battery Life (max. hr):10
Recommended Supply Voltage:
Supply Voltage Limits:
External Power (min. W):
External Power (typical W):
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM memory [GB]:
HD (GB):128
Dedicated software:
Operating System:
More information 
Distinguishable features :This compact instrument includes rechargeable batteries, large memory and 24 bit data acquisition system. The icListen detects real-time events and can log or transmit just the event data in real-time.
Distinguishable features:The icListen Smart Hydrophone is a compact, all-in-one instrument that logs calibrated waveforms, spectral or event data in standard formats and can be use to stream real-time data. Use the icListen as a digital hydrophone, acoustic data logger, or both at once.

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Supplier Information
  • Ocean Sonics

  • Hill House, 11 Lornevale Road
  • B0M 1L0 Great Village
  • Nova Scotia
  • Canada



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