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Micro•X SV

Product Name:Micro•X SV
Product Description:AML has been leading the way in time-of-flight sound velocity technology for over 20 years. Real time surface sound velocity probe Micro•X SV pairs with Base•X₂, Minos•X, or other X•Series SVP profilers to provide a total SV package. Take advantage of Xchange™ sensors’ field swappability: When SV•Xchange™ is due for recalibration, leave Micro•X where installed, screw in a spare SV•Xchange™, and send due sensor for calibration. Cables compatible with all major multibeam systems available; custom configurations available on request.
Diameter [mm]:33
Height [mm]:240
Weight in air [kg]:0.39
Weight in water [kg]:0.25
End-cap height [mm]:
Min. operating power [V]:8
Max. operating power [V]:26
Max power consumption [W]:
Battery type:none
Max. operation time on one battery [hr] :
Max. operating depth [m]:6000
Max. pressure [bar]:600
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-20
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:45
Sound Velocity 
Sample rate [Hz]:
Range min. value [m/s]:1375
Range max. value [m/s]:1625
Sample duration [µ seconds]:47
Sound Velocity Performance 
Resolution [m/s]:0.001
Precision [m/s]:0.006
Accuracy [m/s]:0.025
Temperature, Depth and other sensors 
Temperature sensor:N
Temperature resolution [°C]:
Temperature measurement accuracy [°C]:
Pressure sensor:N
Pressure resolution [%]:
Pressure measurement accuracy [%]:
GPS sensor:N
Other sensors:Can also be used for the following: Conductivity (C•Xchange) Pressure (P•Xchange) Temperature (T•Xchange) Turbidity (Tu•Xchange)
Data/Software specifications 
Connectors:RS232, RS485
Output data/formats:
Internal memory:N
Internal Memory [MB]:
Type of internal memory:
Software solution:Y
Operation Characteristics 
Moving vessel profiling compatibility:
Calibration procedure:
Anti-fouling methods:
More information 
Distinguishable features :

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