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Teledyne PDS

Product Name:Teledyne PDS
Product Description:Teledyne PDS is of-the-shelf software and developed to solve the variety of challenges that arise from each specific task in the main business segments served by Teledyne Marine.
Year of initial development:2008
Year of latest version:2015
Operating System:Windows Vista, Windows 7
Minimum computer requirements:4Gb mem, 500Gb HD
Coupling to hardware 
Proprietairy data processing:Y
Supported sensor systems:Multibeam sonar backscatter data
Open to other data formats:Y
Ground truthing 
Independent samples required:N
Ground truthing possible:N
Max. amount of derived classes:
Extracted parameters:Backscatter, the intensity of the reflection from the seafloor; Impedance, the absorption in the seafloor; Roughness, the irregularity of the seafloor; Phi, the actual bottom classification; Volume, the volume backscatter, the intensity of the reflection in the seafloor; FLT factor, the fluid factor; Intercept
Timing of analysis:Offline
Pre-processing data and quality control:Y
Employed signal characteristics 
Full wave-form:N
Derived depths:Y
Applied principle 
Signal modeling:N
Feature extraction :Y
Feature detection methods:Spike detection; contouring
Contour creation:Y
Profile creation:Y
Reporting chart creation:Y
S-57 support:Y
Other specifications 
Supported export formats:PDS, Excel, Simrad EM, CSV, Multibeam points (ASCII), XTF, S7K, Sz, Magnetometer, FAU, GSF, Backscatter points (ASCII), UKOOA P1/90
Typical application:After a survey with a multibeam the backscatter data can be used to do a seafloor sediment classification.

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Supplier Information
  • Teledyne Marine

  • 1026 North Williamson Blvd.
  • 32114 Daytona Beach
  • Florida
  • United States of America



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