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Product Name:SS408
Product Desciption:
Year of introduction:
Console Hardware 
Console unit weight in air [kg]:
Console unit length [m]:
Console unit width/diagmeter [m]:
Console unit height [m]:
External Power supply [V]:
Power consumption [W]:
Operation time with fully charged battery:
Battery rechargeable during operation:N
Unit Material:
Safety and certification compliance [ISO]:
Inbuild screen:
Camera Charactaristics 
Number of cameras:1
Resolution [width × height]:
Resolution [TVL]:420
Minimum illumination / light sensitivity::.0003
Build-in light:No, low light camera
Max optical zooming:
Max digital zooming:
Autofocus :N
Still image capable:N
Camera unit weight [kg]:0.25
Camera unit length [m]:0.135
Camera unit width [m]:0.038
Camera unit depth [m]:0.038
Frame rate (f/s):
Lens mount type:
Operation Characteristics 
Min operation temperature [celsius]:-10
Max operation temperature [celsius]:50
Max operation depth [m]:350
Max acquisition duration [h]:
Live view:Y
Connectivity and User Interface 
Type of data storage:No data storage
Maximum data storage [mb]:
File formats: EIA or CCIR formats
USB ports:N
SD card:N
Other ports:Options are customer selected connectors
Input ports:Options are customer selected connectors
OS compatibility (Windows/MAc/Linux):
Software included:N
Software name:

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