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Product Name:LOG_aLevel
Product Description:
Radar, Pressure or Sonar:Radar, Pressure, Sonar
Length [m]:0.3
Width [m]:0.2
Height [m]:0.3
Weight [kg]:25
Material:Stainless steel housing, IP 66, lockable, size: 30x30x20 cm (or 50x50x20 cm)
Water sand and dust proof:IP 66
Min. external power [Voltage]:12
Max. external power [Voltage]:220
Max. power consumption [W]:1
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:72
Battery type:AGM up to 200Ah
Temperature: min [°C]:-40
Temperature: max. [°C]:70
Humidity resistance:100%
Radar Specifications 
Min. operating range [m]:0.5
Max. operating range [m]:50
Beam angle [°]:6
Radar frequency [Hz]:26000000
Measurement accuracy [mm]:2
Measurement precision [mm]:2
Wave measurement:Yes
Acoustic specifications 
Min. operating range [m]:0.5
Max. operating range [m]:30
Acoustic signal frequency [Hz]:80
Measurement accuracy [mm]:1
Measurement precision [mm]:1
Wave measurement:Yes
Pressure sensor specifications 
Sample frequency [hz]:10
Min. operating range available [dBar]:1
Max. operating range available [dBar]:100
Accuracy [%]:95
Resolution [%]:95
Interfaces, connectivity and other sensors 
Type of display:LCD
RS232 interface:Yes
RS485 interface:Yes
SDI 12 interface:Yes
Barometric pressure sensor:Yes
Temperature sensor:Yes
Temperature sensor accuracy [°C]:0.1
Other sensors, interfaces and connectors:Interfaces: RS232/485, LAN, Modbus, etc... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meteorological sensors: Wind, Temp, Rain, Ice, Cloud Height, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, etc... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hydrological sensors : Current Flow, Water Temp, Salinity, Turbidity, ADCPs, CTDs, etc... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data Communication: AtoN, GPRS, Satellite, WiFi, VHF/UHF, etc...
Data Logger:Yes
Data management 
Averaging period of measurements:Averaging: (HW) : none/10s/30s/1m/5m/10m (SW) : none/1s/2s/5s/10s/20s/30s/1m/2m/5m/10m
Output data:csv (spreadsheet format), log (LOG_aLevel format), other types possible.
Internal memory:up to 4GB
External memory:up to 64GB
Max. storage size [number of measurements]:300000000
Included software:LOG_aLevel Software for system configuration, data viewing, logging, exporting.
Operation characteristics 
Mounting possibilities:various
Levelling methods:various
Datum setting techniques:through Software
Calibration techniques:Via sound velocity measurement (REF300) to guarranty highest accuracy at all times.

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