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Product Name:LISCAD
Product Description:LISCAD is a complete field-to-finish system trusted by surveyors in over 100 countries. LISCAD interfaces with all major surveying, engineering, GIS and CAD systems. LISCAD’s portfolio comprises of integrated Land Surveying and Civil Engineering software modules. Some of the key features include rigorous geodetic computations, unlimited model size, traverse and least squares network adjustment, 3D/2D transformations, volume computations, geo-referenced background images, 3D Visualisation, profiles, impressive engineering design capability for easy generation of virtually any design, Survey Live for real-time surveying and set-out with total station or GNSS equipment and Point Cloud for importing, viewing, editing and digitisation of point cloud data.
Year of introduction :1990
Year of last update :2016
Supported hardware :Minimum System Requirements Operating System Windows Vista (32bit or 64bit) with Service Pack 2 Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) with Service Pack 1 Windows 8 (32bit or 64bit) Windows 8.1 (32bit or 64bit) Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit) CPU 1 GHz processor Memory 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) Storage 200 MB install disk space; 8 GB free disk space Graphics DirectX 9.0c compatible display adapter with 256 MB on-board or shared memory Improved performance results from exceeding these minimums. It is also advised that you install the latest display adapter driver.
Supported operation system:Windows
Type of data storage:
Native storage format:SEE
Input Formats:dwg, dxf, dgn, shape, GML, KML, GeoTiff, ECW, jpg, others
Export formats:dwg, dxf, dgn, shape, GML, KML, GeoTiff, ECW, jpg, others
GML version:2.1.2
Web standards:None
Spatial database management systems:None
Messaging protocols:None
Publish standards:None
Available API’s:
Data management 
Security options for access:Y
Search on file content:Y
Version management:Y
Save standardization for drawings/maps :
Spatial reference system:From data source, Selectable, Manual georeferencing, Others
Geometry types 
Points:Point, Multipoint, Symbol, Text, Others
Lines:Line segment, Polyline, Multiline, Arc, Others
Surfaces:Polygon, Circle
2D Construction 
Positioning by coördinates:Y
Positioning by Dimensions:Y
Positioning by snapping:Y
Positioning on virtual raster:Y
Positioning in relation to other element:Parallel, Extend, Collinear, Perpendicular, Particular angle, Angle bisector, Concentric, Tangent, Symmetric, Others
2D Editing 
Select:By drawing attributes, Select by administrative attributes, Within buffer, Spatial selection, Multiple select, Others
Remove:By select, By attributes, By layer, Others
Graphic transformations:Scale, Copy, Move, Rotate, Mirror, Align, Stretch, Drag and drop, Others
Coordinate transformations:
Data analysis 
Merge:Map layers, Attribute table to geometry
Measurement:Area, Length, Others
Topology :Build, Check, Clean, Others
Tools to detect errors:
Types :Color, Pattern, Hatch, Gradient color
Change view:Zoomfactor, Target point, Twist angle
License or freeware:License
Main users:1000's of users in over 100 countries
Main applications:Surveying and Civil Engineering
Related products:LISTECH Neo
Distinguishable features:- Rigorous Geodetic Computations - Easy to learn and use - Free evaluation - Interfaces with all popular surveying, engineering and CAD systems and field sensors. -Modular system allowing for the purchase of only what is required with the option to add functionality as needed

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Supplier Information

  • Level 3, 420 St Kilda Road
  • 3004 Melbourne
  • Victoria
  • Australia



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