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eBee SQ

Product Name:eBee SQ
Product Description:The eBee SQ is an advanced agricultural drone that takes professionals such as crop consultants, growers and researchers from drone to action, simply and efficiently. The eBee SQ can fly for up to 55 minutes on a single battery charge. This performance enables it to cover up to 500 acres in a single flight at 400 ft above ground level—up to 10 times more ground than small quadcopter drones—for extremely efficient crop monitoring and analysis. The result is fewer flights per project, for less time spent collecting data and more time acting on it.
Year of initial development::2016
Year of last update:2016
Typical Applications:Precision farming UAV
Brand :senseFly
Max. payload [kg]:0.15
Max. stay in the air [min]:55
Max. speed [km/h]:110
Max. height above ground [m]:1000
Propulsion:Lithium polymer battery
ø / wingspan [cm]:110
Height [cm]:11
Weight [kg]:1.1
Weight of battery [kg]:.3
Weight of filled fuel tank [kg]:0
Number of rotors:1
Transport on human back:Y
Min. operation temperature [°C]:-15
Max. operation temperature [°C]:40
Max. wind speed [m/sec]:12
Max. humidity [%]:
Operation Characteristics and Safety 
Min. ø of launch/landing site [m]:25
Training provided:Y
Launching method:Hand launched
Automatic launch and landing:Y
Autonomous emergency landing :Y
Collision avoidance systems (CAS):Y
Navigation Sensors 
Type of GNSS receiver and captured signals:L1 C/A code
Type of IMU:
Other sensors and additional information:
Imaging/scanning devices 
Onboard imaging/scanning devices:Camera, Additional sensors
Type of Camera:Parrot Sequoia
Build-in Stablilsation:N
Exchangeable :Y
Sensor tilting to allow oblique views:N
Type of Lidar:
Additional Sensors and additional information:
Base Station 
Ground computer included:Y
Type of Ground computer:Windows PC/Tablet
Sensor control:Y
Real time image and video download link:N
Included software and automatically generated 
Type of software included:Block adjustment, Camera self-calibration, Flight planning, Photogrammetric software, Point cloud processing software
Automatically Generated Products:3D Landscape Models, DEMs, Orthomosaics
Flight planning software:eMotion Ag
Photogrammetric software:Pix4Dmapper Ag
Point could processing software:Pix4Dmapper Ag

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Supplier Information
  • senseFly

  • Route de Genève 38 - (Z.I. Châtelard Sud)
  • 1033 Cheseaux-Lausanne
  • Vaud
  • Switzerland



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