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Product Name:iWBMSc
Description:The 400kHz integrated multibeam solution offers high resolution in conjunction with the smallest possible tightly coupled INS/GNSS solution inertial navigation system for the most compact high resolution multibeam system. Having the inertial navigation system integrated into the sonar, ensures fast and reliable mobilization.
Date of first release:2014
Mounting and deployment 
Mounting:Hull mounted & Portable
Physical properties of transducer head 
Length [m]:0.274
Width [m]:0.236
Height [m]:0.180
Min. external power [V]:10
Max. external power [V]:28
Max. power consumption [W]:40
Used Sonar Methods 
Type of system:Multibeam
Bottom Detection Method:Amplitude/Phase/Blend
System Parameters 
Min. frequency [kHz]:360
Max. frequency [kHz]:440
Number of selectable frequencies:81
Min. depth [m]:0.2
Max. depth [m]:275
Depth resolution [mm]:10
Max. Slant Range [m]:275
Max. swath as a function of depth:12
Max. measurements per ping:256
Ping frequency [Hz]:50
Min. beam width across track [deg]:0.9
Min. beam width along track [deg]:1.9
Bottom Coverage 
Footprint in nadir direction [m]:0.785
Footprint at max. horizontal range [m]:6.3
Smallest identifiable cube [m3]:0.5
Max. swath width [m]:400
Equal footprint spacing:Y
Max. number of points per ping for side scan operation:1024
RMS of nadir depth measurement [m]:0.03
Intended S44 order:Special
Max. survey speed for specified RMS [kt]:8
Speed of sound 
Real-time correction of refraction at transducer head:Y
Real-time integration of SV-profile:Y
Explanation of SV-profile application process:3rd Party Software (QINSy, Hypack, PDS2000, etc.)
Motion compensation 
Motion sensors compatible to the system:incl. NovAtel MarineSPAN OEM STIM-300
Required pitch uncertainty [deg]:0.015
Required roll uncertainty [deg]:0.015
Required heave uncertainty [m]:0.05
Compatible software:Hypack, QPS, EIVA, MB-System, Triton, PDS2000 and others
Compatible hardware:All mounting arrangements
Real-time access procedure:NORBIT user interface via LAN to topside unit. All processing occurs within sonar head so any computer may visualize/receive data from LAN connection.
Maintenance criteria 
Mean time before failure [hr]:25000
Mean time to repair [hr]:25000
More information 
Distinguishable features:Curved array, compact, embedded INS, turn-key

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