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Product Name:GeoTexture
Product Description: GeoTexture is a side scan data processing software for normalisation, mosaic creation and seabed classification. The software has been optimised for the analysis of GeoSwath Plus shallow water multibeam side scan data. In addition it interfaces with standard side scan sonar systems.
Year of initial development:
Year of latest version:
Operating System:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Minimum computer requirements:
Coupling to hardware 
Proprietairy data processing:Y
Supported sensor systems:GeoSwath Plus MBES data and xtf SSS
Open to other data formats:Y
Ground truthing 
Independent samples required:Y
Ground truthing possible:Y
Max. amount of derived classes:
Extracted parameters:Habitats
Timing of analysis:Offline
Pre-processing data and quality control:Y
Employed signal characteristics 
Full wave-form:
Derived depths:
Applied principle 
Signal modeling:
Feature extraction :
Feature detection methods:
Contour creation:
Profile creation:
Reporting chart creation:
S-57 support:
Other specifications 
Supported export formats:GeoTiff; data image; classified image and characterised textures; jpg; mod mosaic; mof GeoSwath Plus mosaic file
Typical application:Normalisation and image classification of side scan data for bottom classification; feature extraction and habitat mapping.

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