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EM 2040

Product Name:EM 2040
Description:The EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder is the first system to bring all the advanced features of deep water multibeams to the near bottom sounding environment. The basic EM 2040 has four units, a transmit transducer, a receive transducer, a processing unit, and a workstation.
Date of first release:2009
Mounting and deployment 
Physical properties of transducer head 
Length [m]:0.72
Width [m]:0.14
Height [m]:0.15
Min. external power [V]:115
Max. external power [V]:230
Max. power consumption [W]:75
Used Sonar Methods 
Type of system:Multibeam
Bottom Detection Method:Amplitude or phase
System Parameters 
Min. frequency [kHz]:200
Max. frequency [kHz]:400
Number of selectable frequencies:21
Min. depth [m]:1
Max. depth [m]:500
Depth resolution [mm]:
Max. Slant Range [m]:550
Max. swath as a function of depth:5.5
Max. measurements per ping:800
Ping frequency [Hz]:
Min. beam width across track [deg]:1
Min. beam width along track [deg]:0.5
Bottom Coverage 
Footprint in nadir direction [m]:0.65
Footprint at max. horizontal range [m]:0.71
Smallest identifiable cube [m3]:0.75
Max. swath width [m]:
Equal footprint spacing:Y
Max. number of points per ping for side scan operation:100000
RMS of nadir depth measurement [m]:0.01
Intended S44 order:Special
Max. survey speed for specified RMS [kt]:12
Speed of sound 
Real-time correction of refraction at transducer head:Y
Real-time integration of SV-profile:Y
Explanation of SV-profile application process:Calculation of each sounding is according to Schnells law of refraction, in real time
Motion compensation 
Motion sensors compatible to the system:Seatex MRU5; Seapath 300; Applanix POS/MV; and other sensors with comparable accuracy
Required pitch uncertainty [deg]:0.02
Required roll uncertainty [deg]:0.02
Required heave uncertainty [m]:0.05
Compatible software:SIS, QINSY, Hypack, EIVA, Fledermaus, CARIS and others.
Compatible hardware:Sound velocity at transducer; Sound Velocity profile; Position; Heading; 1PPS; Single beam echo sounder (optional)
Real-time access procedure:Realtime visualization of bathymetric data; both raw data and gridded data in 2D and 3D; swath; quality of each beam; water column; seabed image; attitude data; 3D waterfall
Maintenance criteria 
Mean time before failure [hr]:2000
Mean time to repair [hr]:1
More information 
Distinguishable features:The EM 2040 is the first true wideband system with operating frequencies from 200 to 400 kHz and includes neccessary features like dual swath, FM chirp as transmitt pulse for long range, All transducers are standard pressure rated to 6000m. The system is the ideal tool for ROV, AUV and any vessel of opportunity. The acoustic beams of EM 2040 are stabilized for yaw, pitch and roll (not just compensated). This gives a much more regular sampling of the bottom and a higher confidence for detection of small objects/features while the vessel is yawing, rolling and pitching.Data from the water volume which is ensonified by the system is available in real time on a display + stored digitally.

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