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ALTM Pegasus

Product Name:ALTM Pegasus
Description:The Optech Pegasus is a high-performance lidar mapping solution that is designed for maximum collection efficiency, data accuracy and high point density. A multi-laser sensor, Pegasus includes a fully embedded, high-resolution orthometric camera and delivers extremely dense and information-rich datasets.
Year of introduction:2009
Year of last update:2014
Total weight [kg]:75
Power requirements:28V; 30A
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:POSAV AP50 OEM
Camera:5MP QA camera; or 80MP full-frame metric
Data storage facilities:External; removable SSD; 1TB
Mission planning software:Optech FMS-Planner
Postprocessing software:Optech Lidar Mapping Suite (LMS)
Laser Pulse Characteristics 
Wavelength [nm]:1064
Standard pulse length [ns]:3
Pulse length variation [ns]:
Beam divergence [mrad]:0.25
Type/class laser:Class IV
Eyesafe range [m]:250
Measurement Characteristics  
Scanning method :Scanning galvo
Scan frequency [Hz]:140
Min. pulse frequency [Hz]:100000
Max. pulse frequency [Hz]:500000
Max. field of view [deg]:75
Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse:4
Full-wave form digitization:Y
Pulse sampling frequency [GHz]:1
Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]:12
Multiple pulses in air:Y
Uncertainty and resolution 
Pitch and roll pointing precision [deg]:0.005
Heading pointing precision [deg]:0.008
Elevation precision at 1 km [m]:0.02
Planimetric precision at 1km [cm]:13
Across-track point spacing at 1km [m]:0.25
Operation Characteristics 
Platform:Helicopter, Fixed-wing
Min. flying height [m]:250
Max. flying height [m]:5000
Max. acquisition time [hr]:50
Main applications:High-density wide area; urban mapping; etc.
More information 
Distinguishable features :World’s first dual-laser topographic lidar sensor with embedded medium format camera. Paired-beam scan geometry provides maximum point distribution predictability. Fully programmable oscillating scanner enables significantly higher point density by constraining the entirety of the emitted pulses into a smaller FOV, when required. Capable of mapping 10% reflective targets (eg. dark asphalt) at altitudes in excess of 3200m AGL using a ground sample rate of 400 kHz (effective PRF).

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